Saturday, December 4, 2010

FPX.V - Base Metal Season is coming so there will be some acceleration, IMO

For a beginning a target in the $1.30's seems reasonable, and longer term, $3 bux is not too shabby.

Point and Figure does not take volume into consideration, but looking at the VOLUME DYNANICS© of First Point, I think we have a valid launch here.
I include nickel in my base metals index, as well as copper as the lead indicator

DEC.V - Seasonal Index aside, drill results will tell here

From what you see here it is clear DEC had its requisite 'pop' above the Upper Bollinger Band on Nov 26, closing at 32 cents.  I always need to see that FIRST before I commit funds, as it tells me the stock is getting "Twitchy", like an unruly horse at the racetrack starting gate.