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Hi, yes my handle is Denaliguide, because I was a guide in Denali National Park for some time, a job I enjoyed immensely.

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What I never enjoyed was being folded, spindled and mutilated by a cast of characters ranging from dishonest brokers, sneaky bankers and uncaring advisory letter writers. HOWever the upside of that, is all the pain they caused me, is your gain.

Quite simply over time I realized the wisdom of not getting mad, but getting even. In my university years, I realized the futility of backward looking fundamental analysis and virtually gave up on it, rightly so. Slowly by slowly from the late '60's to now, Technical Analysis found practitioners, followers and a place in making profits. I was there. That's how I get you to the BEST, FIRST.

Whether your trading has been good, bad or indifferent, PEAK PERFORMANCE PICKS can help you by combining Excellent Timing with Super Selection.

Here is the Real Deal. Its time for you to get EVEN, not mad. And I am going to help you get EVEN or I won't make a dime, actually I will lose money. I have a No-Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee, if you don't think I live up to above promises, in the first 30 days of this REAL DEAL.

The fantastic advantage you have with PEAK PICKS is two-fold. We are small, nimble and aggressive, probably the same way at finding great selections and you can make simple and handy trades in nimble fashion, getting the Best, First. Make no mistake, we need your Excellent Executions to make this work The trades are simple. Straightforward buys and sells. No shorts, no options, no tricks, no games. SIMPLE, as in K.I.S.S, Keep it Simple Sam !

I have said enough. If this doesn't work for you, it wont cost you a dime, but I will be the loser.
If it takes more than this to convince you, PEAK PICKS is probably not for you.

I believe in simplicity and stand by that. That's why I created PEAK PICKS, and
distilled all the technical analysis I learned in 40+ years into simple, handy trades, clear and precise.
Our work is concise and fact driven. The facts, just the facts, names, prices, dates.
No Ifs, as Yoda would say, “there is only do, no try.”

P.S.  If you cant believe this deal, read on to the next post down.  Just the Links to GOOGLE DOCUMENTs are worth a look as well.

Happy & Prosperous 2011 for you !!

Happy & Prosperous 2011 for YOU !

I know I was elated today, seeing that 3 or 4 of my Junior Mineral Stocks accelerating their uptrends.
Abundance and Prosperity in the the form of QUICK and HANDY trades you can make using the
CLEAR and CONCISE information in PEAK PICKS. 

      LINK to Peak Picks in Goggle Doc'sLINK #2, Link #3
 the above links go to Google Doc's were you can get a look !

As well, for now you can a copy of the “THE BEST LITTLE JUNIORS You'll NEVER See”, published for January 2011, for investors for ways to share in growth and development of Junior stocks that have real chances as they mature.

THE BEST Unknown Junior Mineral Stocks, their Technical Prospects, how to get them,
support levels and potential objectives. The REPORT part of a 3 month subscription to PEAK PICKS and not available otherwise, but pretty good deal considering how we scoop the big guys, names with the C or K sound.,[No, I wont use their real names but they cost 4X as much ]. You provide
the Excellent Executions that make this work, we provide selection and timing to make it profitable.

We lock in our $39.95 monthly rate at $24.95 locked-in for 12 months, at a 40% discount, one-time,
so you can get on with your life and trading.
Oh yes, you have a MONEY BACK, No Questions, 30
DAY guarantee, that you are delighted with our work.. No, NO RISK at all to you, NONE ! We make
sure you can make money or we don't ! That is as honest as I have been able to make this
business to serve investors.
Our math is simple. The value of the report is 69.95. The value of a quarterly subscription is 119.85, the total being 189.80, and your getting it for 69.95, a 64% discount.
Now you see why we are doing this only once, over my accountant's loud and strenuous objections.

The REPORT, is brief and concise in coverage of the Junior Mineral Stocks, based on their
technical merits and progress in the business to date. IT IS TO THE POINT and does NOT contain
TOO MUCH INFORMATION. It is also the result of about 1 years work, on companies I either own
or want to own at the right time.

TAKE CONTROL, Subscribe, Get a copy of “BEST LITTLE JUNIORS” and run your
Financial Game Plan YOUR WAY, on YOUR TERMS, in YOUR TIME. The clock is running on this offer, and when its over, its OVER. Positions as well are limited, to assure subscribers don't crowd each other out of the markets as has been the case with certain others.
     This offer includes  your choice of one of the following, and will be limited to an allocation of eligible recipients no later than Midnite Sunday January 16, 2011.   Your choices are as follows: 

1 .A portfolio evaluation of up to 12 stocks of your choice by DG.

2. One 15 minute telephone consultation in the US & Canada,
    by DG.
3.  One week of Instant Message consultation during 
     market hours,   Max 10 msgs per day.

You may choose ONE of those options during this offer ending Jan 16, or when the first allocation of subscriptions is filled