Sunday, January 30, 2011

Thank you everyone for the great response. Midnite tonite, is the final time.

We had a very sweet meltdown this week,and Denaliguide, and PEAK PICKS showed a change from negative to neutral, to positive for certain issues.  We expect further turbulence.  Please sign up for DGS Updates on the sidebar to access where I post the latest developments  you need to know, and where the latest offers will be posted as I open new opportunities for investment and speculative information.  As soon as I finish this post I will be listing some of the Positive Signal Messages I posted on Jan 25 & 26.

The picture above has not quite gone "VIRAL" but has created a steady flow of visitors as the date approaches.   I have enlarged  it for those interested.  The next chart is not the same scale but shows some of the cyclical qualities we often find in markets.
Now this one shows about a 9 month cycle, so you have to ask  yourself since this one comes due in
April of 2011 for a low in IEF.  However, you will note that an UP move in the US 7-10 year Treasuries implies FEAR, so a Bottom in APRIL would then imply a LACK of FEAR, which seems EXACTLY counter intuitive.  You will also notice that APRIL lies almost exactly in-between FEB and JULY, so what does that project??  Well SIGN UP for the DENALIGUIDESUMMIT UPDate GROUP to get the FREE UPDATES as they are issued.    Whether its cycles or liquidity or simply preponderance of evidence,  DGS Updates has the news while it is still news.!!