Sunday, November 9, 2014

JAIL BREAK ! The Great Escape ! GDX Breaks Out !


      The memory of the Great Escape from Stalag Luft III, inspires us, as we Bugz have made a jailbreak on Nov 7,2014.
Canadian and British, 76 Officers and enlisted tunneled.  Three made it home, 50 were murdered by the SS on orders from Hitler.

     Our story is far different but the imprisoning forces, engaging in False Price Discovery and Global Financial Treason, are probably more cloaked and as dangerous to humanity as Hitler, in their covert role of impoverishing the globe to enrich themselves.

      It is now, that the first step burst upon the scene, the GDX gapping up, ALL TIME HIGHEST VOLUME EVER, 136.4 Mil shs.
Assault after assault mounted by Krimex, minon as it is, of The Powers That Be, in order to perpetrate their global counterfeiting fraud upon the world, save their small clique.

      This is what our Jail Break looked like at Friday close:
To reinforce things, both HUI and XAU gave Buy Signals, here is what  XAU looks like in both modes:
Here it is in Point 'n Figure form:
What's it MEAN ?  In short we are out of the tunnel just short of the forest, so before we can get out of the woods, we must make it into the Forest, first !

     Unlike the Red Wedding, on the Game of Thrones, I don't think it is a trap, at least not yet.  Perhaps we will get a leg up and then get whacked but given how the yield of the  10 Yr, US Treas Bond Spiked on Friday as well before THEY could hose it down, I suspect what we suspected about something breaking is an accomplished fact.   Fact is the U$D Dollar is down, and can't seem to climb over 88, despite a wag or two saying that this is the halfway point marked by a flag or pennant.  Maybe so, maybe not, but there was NOTHING to mistake about Friday's $35+ rally in KRIMEX KUOTE FRAUD they call Gold, or the GDX's 8.3% rally.   Add in the ALL TIME HIGH VOLUME IN GDX
makes me think this is the start of an upleg rather than a Bear Market rally.  No doubt if these guys are pushing a Rear-Guard Action, they will pour more paper contracts on us Bugz, trying to break our little inroad into their private game preserve.

   Time will tell but this is a Heads Up for me.