Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Turnabout IS FairPlay, and I get my kicks from it so, now until Jan 30

We are gonna do this,

Yes I was a guide in Denali National Park during my 20 years in Alaska.  I so loved that job.  The only thing that compares is winning in the markets, turning the tables on those that took unfair advantage of my in my in-experienced youth, and helping you do the same.
Truly its not the same thrill as standing at Wonder Lake and seeing THE MOUNTAIN, but it is about as close as I have been able to get, and I want to share that with you, if you like.

      If you have been in the markets you have no doubt been folded, spindled and mutilated by market makers, brokers and uncaring advisors that simply took you money. By now you know its better to get even than stay mad. That's where PEAK PICKS comes in.
From my University year on, I KNEW something was wrong, as nothing lined up like “THEY” said it would, and I got burnt after burnt. No doubt some of you have had some of this experience. Let me assure you, you can still lose money. Small amounts.
And not feel as if you are being taken for a sucker, with PEAK PICKS. Since we profit on probably 8 of 10 positions, profits you can BANK, after commissions, it is reasonable that some positions take small losses.

      We work hard to profit and expect that you will also. While it may NOT be for you, anyone that can enter a timely “BUY” or “SELL” can do this. This is about SIMPLICITY, in the tradition of K.I.S.S [ keep it simple, Sam ]. This is good and so
do-able that I personally guarantee you will like what we do, or I will refund your money in the first 30 days of your subscription, NO Questions Asked. And I WILL lose money if I do that, bank and credit card processing fees and all that, so I am for real.

      Over my time in Technicial Analysis I have learned two things: Greedy people, using hot info cannot cover their tracks in markets[ they may be cloaked  but cant hide their actions]; and Never trust any one system alone, always have backup !! So I got burnt more than once, putting all my trust in one system. Today,and since PEAK PICKS has been selecting stocks with superior technical merits, we have combined and overlaid proven systems on top of each other and correlated their content, until we target stocks with great appreciation potential, and minimal risk for their class and sector. It works.

You may be the “Retail Investor” the Big Guys want back in the “Game”. That's your advantage. You can trade  like an NFL Linebacker plays, Nimble, Agile and “Field-Aware”. And when conditions are right, we run back interceptions for touchdowns. What a feeling.! !
      I have said enough. If this doesn't work for you, it wont cost you a dime, as you know.

       If it takes more than this to convince you, PEAK PICKS is probably not for you.

[What is different is that you will get 2 annual subscriptions to DG's CORE STOCK QUARTERLY, and send one copy directly to whom you choose.  Its a bit unusual to go about it this way, but I thought of some of my friends who THINK they are more conservative, who would enjoy using the Core Stock Review as my Dad would have.  Sometimes I come up with crazy ideas !!  DG]

P.S.  If you cant believe this deal, read on to the next post down.  Just the Links to GOOGLE DOCUMENTs are worth a look as well.
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Happy & Prosperous 2011 for you !!

Happy & Prosperous 2011 for YOU !

Abundance and Prosperity in the the form of QUICK and HANDY trades you can make using the
CLEAR and CONCISE information in PEAK PICKS. 

      LINK to Peak Picks in Goggle Doc'sLINK #2, Link #3
 the above links go to Google Doc's were you can get a look !

As well, for now you can get a copy of the “THE BEST LITTLE JUNIORS You'll NEVER See”, published for January 2011, for investors for ways to share in growth and development of Junior stocks that have real chances as they mature.

THE BEST Unknown Junior Mineral Stocks, their Technical Prospects, how to get them, their support levels and potential objectives. The REPORT part of a 3 month subscription to PEAK PICKS and not available otherwise, but pretty good deal considering how we scoop the big guys, names with the C or K sound.,[No, I wont use their real names but they cost 4X as much ]. You provide the Excellent Executions that make this work, we provide selection and timing to make it profitable.

We lock in our $39.95 monthly rate at $24.95 locked-in for 12 months, at a 40% discount, one-time,
so you can get on with your life and trading.
Oh yes, you have a MONEY BACK, No Questions, 30
DAY guarantee, that you are delighted with our work.. No, NO RISK at all to you, NONE !

We make sure you can make money or we don't ! That is as honest as I have been able to make this business to serve investors.
Our math is simple. The value of the report is 59.95. The value of a quarterly subscription is 119.85, and your bonus, The CORE STOCK QUARTERLY, $39.95 X 2,equalling 79.90, the total being 249.60, and your getting it for 79.95 , a 2/3's discount.
Now you see why we are doing this only once, over my accountant's loud and strenuous objections.

The REPORT, is brief and concise in coverage of the Junior Mineral Stocks, based on their technical merits and progress in the business to date. IT IS TO THE POINT and does NOT contain TOO MUCH INFORMATION. It is also the result of about 1 years work, on companies I either own or want to own at the right time.

TAKE CONTROL, Subscribe, Get a copy of “BEST LITTLE JUNIORS” and run your
Financial Game Plan YOUR WAY, on YOUR TERMS, in YOUR TIME. The clock is running on this offer, and when its over, its OVER. This offer will end Seven Days from its published date here.

WHY - Well first my accountant thinks I am nuts for offering this discount. WHY DO I ? Because I get my jollies from sticking it to those that stuck it to me. They wont get to do it to you anymore.

So I compromised with my accountant and promised only to do this once a year !!
YOU GET ONE SHOT AT THIS, now, until Jan 30, POOF !............2/3's Off, 1-Time.

He doesn't read this and doesn't know I have a few more tricks up my sleeve, either !!