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Monday, December 20, 2010

They get NO Respect, true, True & TRUE

Not surprising really.  This little outfit stuck away in N.Ontario, just did a "Bought Deal" for $10 Mil.

Now what possibly could they do with $9+ Mil dollars?

Is it the re-development of the old Pickle Crow mine, infrastructure and workings or the 10K acres they
hold around it in a Red-Lake like setting?

Truly, I give the management some credit as  I view their work, not having  met them, except for short moments.

So why I care about them is thus:  Their market cap is about 50 Mil, peanuts,  when compared to
Rubicon Minerals at $ 1.1 BIL, and nicely undervalued
compared to Claude Res at $300 Mil.

Throughout the Good and Bad times, PC Gold has kept chugging along, developing their resources and actually doing mining work, in a mining setting, and in addition, showing some respect for the "Original People" of the region Mishkeegogamang Ojibway Nation
which, IMO, right,wrong or indifferent is a good comment on Management and their level of understanding.

For those interested in why I compare PKL to RBY, this is from the PC Gold Site Subsection REGIONAL GEOLOGY : "Regionally, the Pickle Crow Property lies within the Uchi subprovince of the Canadian Shield, the same belt of 2.7-3.0 billion year old metavolcanic and metasedimentary rocks that host the deep, rich mines of the Red Lake area, including Goldcorp’s high grade Red Lake Mine. ".  The DEPOSIT TYPE:
"Gold occurrences in the Pickle Lake mining camp are classic examples of deposits grouped under the descriptive model of Archean low-sulphide Au-quartz veins......This category of gold deposit is found in every major Archean craton and accounts for worldwide historic gold production in excess of 9,900 tonnes of gold, second only to the Witwatersrand modified paleo-placer gold deposits of South Africa.".   The Technical
Report NI43-101 Jan 25, 2008
covers a lot of food for thought,  and rather than bore your with the details, you can access and read what you want of it at NI 43-101, and just see what you think.

After talking with some knowledgeable geo types, I'd have to say I am unafraid to own this stock, WITHIN the PROVISIONS of GOOD TIMING.    I know that people who bought  in the Spring of this year, are going to have to hold a bit longer to reap the benefits that buyers at lower levels are already having.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

OREX Exploration, OX . V - Can they, Will they surprise us.?

Back in June I listed "The 3 Little Pigs", small mini developers in mining that had larger partners in JV, such as Oskisko, who is OX's JV partner.  In this link you can see OX is sitting on about 3 mil oz of gold, and a lot of us are wondering if OSKISO is just going to starve OX out to get it.  We dont know, but we are going to watch the AGM Dec 21 rather closely.    They hired Micheal Dehn, formerly a senior Geologist from GoldCORP.
He was the COO and CEO of Nayarit Gold,  while it developed its reserves, but left before it was taken over,so it is NOT obvious that he is hired to the the "hatchet man" to take OREX down for Osisko, but what is going to happen IS uncertain.

Here is the link to the Wiki article:

US PINK sheet symbol EORXF

and here is a pix of the stock, so you can get an idea is is basing.   While it hasnt crashed, it hasnt soared either, which I dont intepret as positive.   Since I and others have a position in the stock, we want some action.
Whether we get what we want, well that is another issue.

This is their website:

and this is their fone #, if you care to do any more DD   (514) 296-1641, Montreal, PQ, Canada

Sunday, December 5, 2010

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here is the link  CHAT   Dec 5, 2010

PLY.V - Tungsten, Silver, Copper, Moly, Gold & REE. What Dont they have?

Oh yes cash in the bank too.   Seal Lake looks to offer big-time chances to let the drill prove up some serious deposits. I think now one after the other, 52 week highs will follow each other, at least until, and likely after the first pour of a gold bar and so it makes a double from here not an unreasonable expectation.  This chart illustrates the point well in showing a potential objective to a double, almost half a buck

Saturday, December 4, 2010

FPX.V - Base Metal Season is coming so there will be some acceleration, IMO

For a beginning a target in the $1.30's seems reasonable, and longer term, $3 bux is not too shabby.

Point and Figure does not take volume into consideration, but looking at the VOLUME DYNANICS© of First Point, I think we have a valid launch here.
I include nickel in my base metals index, as well as copper as the lead indicator

DEC.V - Seasonal Index aside, drill results will tell here

From what you see here it is clear DEC had its requisite 'pop' above the Upper Bollinger Band on Nov 26, closing at 32 cents.  I always need to see that FIRST before I commit funds, as it tells me the stock is getting "Twitchy", like an unruly horse at the racetrack starting gate.