Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays, and yes there is a new update out

and its out there for  you if you catch this "LAST CHANCE" Offer.

I'd love to welcome you aboard to  a small core of investors and speculators who like to take profits periodically along the way,as well as hanging onto doublers and multi-baggers,


  I enjoy seeing my subscribers take money off the table to supplement their physical PM  positions as well. Having a techincal analyst with 30+ yrs of market savvy helps as well ! ! !

I hope you enjoy my style in the letters.  I am all technical and have NO TIME for mumbo-jumbo or "GURU SPEW" so I say it straight.

Straight up, I am doubling my rates next year, as I scoop  the big guys as to frequency, timing and content, but I have a No-Contract model in place until then, so you COULD lock in a rate for a year HERE [ I guarantee everyone's initial subscription rate for 12 mo's,  even tho they can drop it anytime, with the 30 day money back guarantee in place] [NO, no deal out there is any better than this, since even after I double my rate, I still only charge 1/3 of what they do, keeping my costs down and passing the savings along,  LOL ! ]. My current subscribers have a rolling 12 mo. Rate Lock-in, and so will you. This offer is good until Midnight, Dec 31, 2010.  
  1. Lock in the Founder’s Rate  for at least 12 months,  on this “ACE “ timing & selection Letter”.

  1. Money-Back Guarantee,  No Questions Asked, 4X the frequency and quality of letters 2X, 3X and 4X the price.

  1. Good for this link UNTIL Midnite Dec. 31, 2010, after which our rates double.

Anyway, enjoy, and call it my Holiday Happiness for all.

DG, aka NICK     SubLink@

Anyway, Look below for stocks that have FAILED to make the CUT, and IMAGINE what the GOOD ONES are like ! !    Do  your DUE DILIGENCE INVESTIGATIONS ON THESE so  you have an idea how good the GOOD ONES are ! ! 

 Energy, Metals, Timber, Exploration.  All contain "The Elements"

If you have hafta wait to make money, that's comprehensible.  If you dont, its hard to understand waiting for a better deal than the "LAST CHANCE", above, CLICK the Button on the side bar if your gonna Jump Onboard ! !

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