Monday, December 6, 2010

OREX Exploration, OX . V - Can they, Will they surprise us.?

Back in June I listed "The 3 Little Pigs", small mini developers in mining that had larger partners in JV, such as Oskisko, who is OX's JV partner.  In this link you can see OX is sitting on about 3 mil oz of gold, and a lot of us are wondering if OSKISO is just going to starve OX out to get it.  We dont know, but we are going to watch the AGM Dec 21 rather closely.    They hired Micheal Dehn, formerly a senior Geologist from GoldCORP.
He was the COO and CEO of Nayarit Gold,  while it developed its reserves, but left before it was taken over,so it is NOT obvious that he is hired to the the "hatchet man" to take OREX down for Osisko, but what is going to happen IS uncertain.

Here is the link to the Wiki article:

US PINK sheet symbol EORXF

and here is a pix of the stock, so you can get an idea is is basing.   While it hasnt crashed, it hasnt soared either, which I dont intepret as positive.   Since I and others have a position in the stock, we want some action.
Whether we get what we want, well that is another issue.

This is their website:

and this is their fone #, if you care to do any more DD   (514) 296-1641, Montreal, PQ, Canada

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